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Autodesk Maya Edge Numbering Scheme 

This will be a jargon filled technical post, skip it if that's not what your into. But if you like me, and find it fascinating and useful read on. 

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I propose a new tag: CG-challenges

This tag will contain 'things' (purposefully vague) that are difficult to accurately portray in a digital environment. Often times these challenges fall out of my range of expertise and such I find it inappropriate to tackle them myself. But, I understand that someone might have the exact skillset to attempt a specific challenge. 

Today while reading a post about The Future of Iteration Design I encountered this image from the post:


What struck me about this photo was the complexity of the position of the hand, and the precision of the action. I propose to someone to accurately pose a virtual hand in similar manners to each one of the photos. Attention should be paid to the way the skin and muscles react and interact with each object. 

This tag-set will develop over the coming months to contain other challenges that I encounter and (re)discover. 




I made a brassy minnow (Hybognathus Hankinsoni)

The model was made in Maya, and then brought into 3D-Coat to paint the diffuse map.  My goals were to have a low poly model and low res texture that when seen from far away would look realistic. This was for the Clarkson IMPETUS project. The fish was modeled using source imagery, and has simplified accurate color patterns and anatomically accurate proportions. The brassy minnow lives in small bodies of water in the geographic area around the IMPETUS project. 


Rift: A clash between two worlds, steampunk and cyberpunk. 


M1075 a model by me, Jeff Wincek

M1075 Render by Jeff Wincek front cab view.

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