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This page contains a poorly formated web version of my resume, there is also a well formatted print resume (links to google document viewer). The linked version is my working version so it may be more up to date than the version below. 

My demo reel is available on Vimeo.

Jeffrey Wincek

10 Clarkson Ave                  Email:           6305 Broad Branch Rd

CU Box 1740                         Cell: (301) 802-1885                          Chevy Chase, MD

Potsdam, NY 13699                        20815


Work Experience

Content Creator for IMPETUS, a interdisciplinary research project for Clarkson University (2011)

  1.  Gain skills in communicating complex technical ideas with non-technical people.
  2. Used diffuse, normal and alpha map to create interesting visually pleasing low-poly trees.
  3. Utilized a work flow involving creation of high-poly assets in 3D-Coat and transferring those details to low poly Maya assets utilizing normal maps.
  4. Created MEL scripts to automate repetitive leaf placement tasks.

Asset Modeler for Smirk & Grin, a independent game studio (2011)

  1. Quickly created many assets to help populate levels for the alpha stage of development.
  2. Telecommuted to meetings and used various Internet software to share important files.
  3. Helped solidify the art style for the player weapons in the game.


Technical Skills/Instrumentation

Autodesk Maya, 3D-Coat, Adobe Photoshop, CrazyBump, Mudbox, Illustrator, Python, Flash, Java, C++, MEL, Scheme, Processing, After Effects, Rhinoceros, Mac OS X, Linux, Windows XP/7, Office, Networking, Photography, Drawing Abstract & Concrete,  Technical & Creative Writing

  1. Autodesk Maya - Expertise in creating emotion rich hard surface models 
  2. Adobe Photoshop – Expertise in everything from photo manipulation to content creation. 
  3. 3D-Coat - Voxel sculpted highly detailed rocks, boulders, caves, trees and terrain.


Clarkson University (December 2012)

Currently obtaining a major in Digital Arts & Science with a minor in Computer Science

Clarkson School  (2008)

Program for motivated students who replace their senior year of high school and go to college early.

McLean School of Maryland (2005) 

Group Projects 

  1. IDEA club - worked with a team of programmers, modelers and artists to create a game. Helped develop an artistic style for the game. 
  2. Architectural modeler for University of the Arts London Student Charles Stanton-Jones’ BFA show, modeled and textured a building designed by King Camp Gillette.
  3. Collaborative project in 3D scene creation - worked closely with three other modelers.  Created modular assets to be used by the environment artist. Made models with steam-punk and cyber-punk aesthetic, helped create a story with the environment assets.