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Current Project: M1075 

I will be modeling a M1075 by Oshkosh.

Sketch by me

Renders of parts inside. 

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Final Project

Over the course of several weeks I came up with the idea for this project, modeled all the objects, lit the scenes, rigged the mechanical parts, textured and animated the objects and finally rendered the it with a combination of mental ray and Maya Vector.


DA300 Final Animation Project from jeff wincek on Vimeo.

 Click through for HD, it's rendered in 720p with ray tracing so it's worth the buffer times. 

 I recommend watching the video before reading further as there will be slight spoilers ahead. 

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Further Tripod Based Experimentation 

Black and White Shadows at Night Orion Constellation

 Both were taken in the middle of the night, the first weathered a photoshopping storm where as the latter remained rather untouched. Note Orion in the second image (he is above the tallest tree on the right), but he is somewhat hard to see when there are this many stars. About the first image: mind the metaphor about how there may be shadows cast upon the usually bright present, and the future may look dreary, but with enough searching there's light farther down the path. 


Experiments with my new tripod 


Night Time Snow


Taken in the middle of the night, I wanted to see what the lighting would do. I found the result fairly interesting because the picture looks like an HDR image but it is not. 


Found this in my pocket:

"THE JAINS WERE a sect of who claimed they could fly. They could walk on water. They could understand all languages. It's said they could turn junk"'s just a bit of torn paper with that on it. I might have to look into the Jains they sound interesting.