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A swarm of gnats quickly devoured the food spawning a new one. 

My addition in a sentence. Click to move the food. This update as entailed a rewrite to make everything object oriented, which made the adition of multiple gnats rather easy. There might be some array out of bounds errors at high levels of gnats when holding the mouse down.  Applet after the jump.

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I like to code in Processing. It does all the hard parts of graphics for you, so you can just concentrate on the coding. I have some back code that will get posted eventually (hopefully) but for now I'm going to share a project that I've been working on recently. Late on night in my room, I wanted to code something but couldn't think of what to code. As I sat there pondering, a gnat was bumbling around infront of my computer screens. I noticed that it had a wierd flight pattern. It looked like it almost jumped from one place to another randomly, but with some overall directional sway. I realized this is what I should code, so I did and here is the fruit on my labors. Or atleast a relatively stable, version that incorporates a decent amount of features yet still pretty early on in the evolution of the code. It's after the jump (so it doesn't run on load, cause my programs are usually a bit processor intenseive)

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